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Favianna in Oaxaca

I’m in Oaxaca

I’m in Oaxaca exploring Matatlan and more with my friend Fabiola Santiago  an Indigenous Zapotec food leader and descendant of mezcal makers. Fabiola is guiding me in her ancestral territories and helping me understand the impacts of

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Favianna is wearing glasses and smiling while on a balcony in Barcelona.

My Barcelona Vacation

I’m loving my vacation in Barcelona! I’ve gotten to explore two of Gaudi’s greatest works, Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia. I’m hanging with my family and we’ve done a bunch of fun things together,

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Favianna has short curly hair with blue green highlights. She is wearing a two tone blue tanktop. Favianna has her arm around her close friend Jamila who is also smiling as the sun hits their faces.

Intimacy Through My Friendships

These days I’m trying to spend more time building my friendships and less time working or on my phone. My art used to keep me very busy, constantly traveling, always on the go – but

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My collaboration with Old Navy

Check out the tees I’m thrilled to announce that I’m launching a new tee shirt design in collaboration with Old Navy for Project WE, a new series that celebrates the visions of diverse artists. I

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Favianna standing outside naked

World Naked Gardening Day

I’m grateful for how my garden has taught me about healing, care and slowing down. This Spring marks the third year of me being committed to my garden. I didn’t always love to garden, I

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Favianna laying on a Butterfly mural.

Indigenous Medicines

It’s time for me to come out about my use of Psychedelics, which I call Plant Medicine. After my papa’s death in 2016 I was in crisis mode, I’d grown tired of my unhealthy patterns.

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Favianna and her vaccine card.

Covid-19 Vaccination

I got my first dose of the COVID Pfizer vaccine today, YAY!! I was able to sign up my mother as well. I live in one of the most impacted zip codes in Oakland with

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Favianna wearing a beautiful B. Yellowtail sweater

Solo Pleasure and Introspection

I’m going all in on my solo pleasure and introspection! Making plant-based food for myself and my loved ones, doing some microdosing, sitting in hot baths, releasing all my old stuff through movement and sweating,

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