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Latina to Latina Podcast

My podcast episode with Latina to Latina just launched. Latina to Latina is an interview series, where host Alicia Menendez talks to remarkable Latinas about making it, faking it, and everything in between. I got

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Favi with Protect Trans Rights sign

Protect Trans Rights!

The wave of anti-trans legislation that the right wing is using to mobilize their base has hit a new, dangerous low. Greg Abbot has officially directed Family and Protective Services to begin investigating all trans

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Favianna at Presidio Park

Presidio Park Project

Today I got to tour a new part of the Presidio Park in San Francisco, where I will be creating some public art in collaboration with other BIPOC artists! I’m super excited about this opportunity.

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Favianna at Markham Elementary school

Markham Elementary Mural

I’m happy to announce that I am designing a mural for Markham Elementary School in East Oakland! I’ll be collaborating with Project Backboard, Trust for Public Land, Green Schoolyards and Warriors Community Foundation. Markham is 1 of 5

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Protect Black Wombs Print

Protect Black Wombs!

During this year’s Sundance, I watched the powerful documentary film AFTERSHOCK, by Paula Eiselt & Tonya Lewis Lee. The film addresses the disturbing rate at which Black women are dying during or after childbirth –

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Showtime Documentary Poster

Everything’s Gonna Be All White

I’m thrilled to share that a new docu-series exploring the history of race premieres TOMORROW, Friday February 11 at 8pm ET/PT. I’m one of many folks included in this docu!! In honor of Black History

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Vision Boarding

It’s vision boarding time! This is a practice I’ve done since 2004. Many of my friends and colleagues know that I am a manifester, and part of this magic is the ability to take what’s

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Favianna Smoking

OFF mode!

My work year is over and I’m transitioning into OFF mode. I am feeling really pleased and overjoyed at all the wonderful things I helped create this year, from my art to my relationships. I

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